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Pitches, bungalow, apartments on the sea

Loc. Lido di Capoliveri 57031 Capoliveri (LI)
Tel. +39 0565 933414 - 328 8424336 - 338 9057946 - Winter +39 0565 933488 - 338 9057946 - Fax +39 0565 940001

History of the Camping

The history begins in 1958. Like the majority of Elba's families of those times, the Signorini family was working in the field of agriculture and mining. The first tourists were arriving at Elba - especially Germans - with just their tents; they arrived at Elba asking to set their tent, and to those times, all they could do was to set their tents in the vineyards.

In those years, there has been a gradual progress until 1970, year in which the brothers Signorini, Ottavio, Giampiero, and Fulvio, acquired a new piece of land contiguous to the previous one, hence the Camping increased its dimensions.

Through the years, the Signorini family increased in number, in fact the three brothers gave to the grandfathers six grandsons, five of which (one is still too young...) entered in the management-staff of the Camping, from the end of the 80's. These young generation brought new ideas with them, realising modern structures, in accordance with nowadays requirements, hence widening the reception premises, creating new car-parking, and improving the inner roads-network.

As the demand increased, grandfathers and sons of the Signorini family came to the idea to realise the first hygienic services, and also to set a price for the rent of a tent-emplacement, which until then was simply repaid with some present. This was the birth of the Camping Le Calanchiole. It was 1961.

In May 1971, the construction of the present Residence Villa Angelica was completed, and the Signorini began not only to offer hospitality to campers, but also to holiday-makers who wished to stay in a Residence. During these years, as well as in the following years, inner infrastructures like the mini-market, the bar, and the restaurant were built, as well as hygienic services increased in number and quality, hence also all emplacement improved their functionality.

In 1997 the Signorini bought another camping, close to their previous one: the Camping Lido. Therefore, nowadays the Signorini family is able to accommodate her Guests in her two Camping or in the Residence Villa Angelica. You can be our Guest at Le Calanchiole in a peaceful place dipped in the green Mediterranean vegetation, directly on the sea, with every comfort, making Your vacation extremely pleasant, relaxing and calm.

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